Breach of fiduciary duty – Not only for board members that vote “Yes” but attorneys and board members who vote “No” • CEU

The legal liability of knowing your fellow board members, even with approval from your association attorney is breaching fiduciary duty and similar scenarios.

The topic is an adaption from CAI Law Seminar’s class, “Aiding & Abetting: Lawyer Liability for A Client’s Breach of Fiduciary Duty”.

Your “no” vote may not be enough to keep you out of legal peril when your board takes action that violates the board’s duty to the association. This gets particularly complicated when these actions fall under your responsibility to keep certain board business confidential.

There are scenarios when the majority of the board, overrides the minority and instructs the association attorney to take action the minority board and attorney perceives as unadvisable or even unethical. This session will also discuss the obligation of association attorney’s to follow the instructions of boards, even when it may counteract the attorney’s advice.

We’ll also toss in some ethical scenarios for the audience to figure out along the way.

Don’t worry we will take some breaks with giveaways from sponsors.

Tuesday, April 4th: 10:20 – 11:20AM

Our panel of attorneys licensed in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, South Carolina and North Carolina will discuss the issue during this livestream:


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