Knowing where the water shut-off valve is located is important

In case of a burst pipe or other water-related emergency, knowing where the shut-off valve is can quickly turn off the water supply and prevent further damage. People sometimes waste valuable time looking for individual shutoffs when all they need to know is where the main shut off value is.

The location of the water shut-off valve can vary depending on the type of property, the age and layout of the plumbing system.

Here are some common places to look for the water shut-off valve:

  • Near the water meter: The shut-off valve is often located nearby, either above ground or in an underground box.
  • Near the water main: If the property has a separate water main that connects to the city’s water supply, the shut-off valve may be located near the main.
  • Check the perimeter: If you cannot find the shut-off valve inside the building, it may be located outside, along the perimeter of the property. Look for a valve box or access panel that may be camouflaged by bushes or landscaping.

If a pipe bursts or there is a leak, the water supply should be turned off immediately to prevent water from continuing to flow and causing more damage to property.

– Raymond Dickey

(Content does not constitute professional advice. Consult your professionals to assess any situation before taking action.)