NY: May 2 – 8 Reasons Why Smart Boards Make Bad Decisions NY: May 2 –

May 2, 2024 10:20 AM
8 Reasons Why Smart Boards Make Bad Decisions – When Based on Honest Intentions

It is frustrating — your board consists of smart and common sense people. Yet, the board has made some mistakes that seemed obvious to everyone except them.

Here are eight reasons why even smart boards make bad decisions along with some solutions (broad description titles):

— First in the line Up: “Same Pagers”
— Inside Information
— Peer Pressure
— That was “Easy”
— Titantic
— Tick-Tock
— Horse & Buggy
— Albert Einstein

Smart HOA boards should prioritize a balanced approach that integrates proper communication and participation methods. It’s important to ensure that all board members have opportunities for input, regardless of their comfort level.

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