Whales and Gnomes

NY • SC: 

Last week we ran two “Real HOA News Stories”livestreams. 

We quickly added an unlikely, but interesting scenario: Would your homeowner or condominiun association be covered if a Chinese spy balloon damaged association common property? As always, our insurance professionals gave their typical response — “It depends.” 

The “It depends” was varied (I’m summarizing and not offering any form of professional advice. Always seek your own professional advice from licensed professionals). 

They asked:

“How did the damage take place — what exactly was damaged”
“How did debris enter and damage interior property? 
“Could the balloon be considered an act of terrorism or even war?”

The odds of a Chinese spy balloon (or any military balloon) hitting your association is slim, but what seemed impossible a week ago, seems possible today.

Dawn Becker-Durnin • PeopleFirst Property & Casualty did also provide an answer included in this post (click here).

Check out the recordings of the livestreams here:

New York Livestream 

South Carolina Livestream

Plenty of other scenarios came up as well:

Some you would expect like how more courts are finding board members to be public figures and therefore allowed to be relentlessly abused online.

We had another strange but true one — who pays for removal if a dead whale ends up on your association property?

There were others.

As always, we’re pleased to forward any questions to our industry professional contacts.

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