Virtual Hugs

Physical hugs are a known stress reducer. But, in the professional environment of managers and board members, this could be problematic.

It’s easy to feel disconnected when physical contact is limited. This is where virtual hugs come in.

Virtual hugs can have an influence on the stress reduction

While they may not have the same physical sensation as real hugs, virtual hugs can have an influence on the stress reduction of others. They offer a way to express support to fellow colleagues.

Many forms

Virtual hugs can take many forms, from sending a positive message to using an emoji or participating in a video call. Regardless of the medium, the act of reaching out can help strengthen professional relationships and foster a sense of connection.

Moreover, virtual hugs can be especially important during times of high stress. They can provide support to those who are dealing with broken pipes, flooded units, irate residents and other difficult situations. It reminds them that they are not alone.

So, while virtual hugs may not be the same as the real thing, they can still play a vital support role in what can be a difficult industry.

– Raymond Dickey