Attack of the HOA Drones

NY • SC: 

It may not as bad as that Star Wars movie, but as hobby drones become cheaper, more of them will hit the sky over your association.

Industry professionals in our last two livestreams recommended creating a drone policy sooner than later.

You can find links for both livestreams on this page.

It’s better to have a policy and rules in place, before you find your board with an enforcement issue. Plus, it doesn’t appear drone policies have to be complicated.

We’re talking about hobby drones, not drones used by service providers. That involves different aspects. You can find the livestream link for that topic here.

A few quick takeaways from the livestream and other resources (I’m summarizing and not offering any form of professional advice):

  • Depending on your state, there maybe a debate whether you can ban drones altogether
  • Residents have a right to privacy
  • Drones can involve nuisance complaints 
  • Boards can consider rules like when and where drones maybe used
  • There are insurance liabilities for boards not taking action
  • Drones are regulated and their misuse can be reported to governmental enforcement agencies. Let drone operators know the association reserves the right to report misuse
  • Consider residents filling out a drone application that spells out all the association’s rules and polices, insurance requirements and indemnifying the association for any damages

Check out the livestreams here:

New York Livestream 

South Carolina Livestream

As always, we’re pleased to forward any questions to our industry professional contacts.


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