HOAs lose more control over resident landscaping

According to numerous posts, regardless of HOA requirements, homeowners in Colorado can now swap their grass lawns for alternatives like turf that require less water.

The post can be found here:

According to: https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/sb23-178

The bill states that an association’s guidelines or rules must:
  • Not prohibit the use of nonvegetative turf grass in the backyard of a unit owner’s property;
  • Not unreasonably require the use of hardscape on more than 20% of the landscaping area of a unit owner’s property;
  • Allow a unit owner an option that consists of at least 80% drought-tolerant plantings; and
  • Not prohibit vegetable gardens in the front, back, or side yard of a unit owner’s property.
This follows a trend where states are overriding association requirements for design or aesthetics, for more environmentally friendly options

– Raymond Dickey

Important: I’m summarizing from my perspective and not offering any form of professional advice. Always seek your own professional advice from licensed professionals.