More hostility than red flags 

A radio personality with over 23 million listeners every week recently responded to a question from the audience about the person’s condo association. His response, I believe, exemplifies the endemic hostility toward Condo and HOA associations.

Basically, the listener said his condo fee had gone up $100 per year for the last two years (up to $650 per month, on a $260,000 condo). The listener said, “No one has ever told us why the fee went up so much.”

The radio show host said, “…I’d want some answers by the end of day…”

After two years, I’d say the owner could give the association a day or two.

The host is Dave, of the “Ramsey Show”. You can find the Q&A here:–A-Lot-Of-Red-Flags-Here

Dave does admit the association could be assessing for some unforeseen and future expenses. However, he explains it this way, “Maybe there’s a good reason for it buried somewhere.”

It’s doubtful the association’s plan was to “bury” anything.

“There are a lot of red flags…,” Dave says. 

I see more of a hostile tone, than red flags. And did he even ask this listener if they had ever attended an association board meeting?

Dave goes on..”…this HOA fee is about double what it should be…”. 

I know plenty of condos in that price range that have amenities such as indoor pools, saunas, stream rooms, game rooms, parking garages, hot tubs, valets, 24-hour security, private outdoor patios, gyms and more, where fees are within this range and even much higher.

Finally, Dave wraps up…”I don’t like HOAs…” He adds he doesn’t like, “…being told by someone else…” what he can or can’t do.

I’ll make his last comments, my wrap up.

— Raymond Dickey

Important: I’m summarizing from my perspective. Always read the article yourself and draw your own opinion.