Headlines stating boards don’t like babies next

For years boards have dealt with misleading headlines about flags. Maybe headlines stating boards don’t like babies are next.

Boards cannot say “No” to unit owner day-care centers.

Washington State Senate passed House Bill 1199 that “prohibits homeowner associations…condominium complexes from banning or unreasonably restricting in-home day care operations,” from owners’ units.

Direct access

The bill even includes allowing direct access to the properties from “publicly accessible common areas and facilities” for this purpose. This could get complicated for high-rises with restricted access through front desk security.

The bill does offer protections for associations as it requires centers to be licensed and “…hold harmless the association…”

The bill can be found here.

Can be fined

Associations who are found to unreasonably restrict in-home day care operations can be fined.

New complaints and issues

How boards will handle noise complaints, parking issues, use of common ground playgrounds, pools, gyms and granting access to the properties will be interesting and possibly litigious.

— Raymond Dickey

Important: I’m summarizing from my perspective and not offering any form of professional advice. Always seek your own professional advice from licensed professionals

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