Shirtless guy drives around in golf cart with blow up doll in a bikini

Managers are subjected to a wide range of people’s antics.

According to some mental health organizations (for the United States):

  • 9.7% of adults experience major depressive or bipolar disorder
  • 1.1% of adults have schizophrenia
  • 7.7% of the population has a substance abuse disorder

​​​Do the math — if you have 1,000 people in your association, there is a good probability that residents with mental health issues are residing there.
In regard to the “shirtless guy”— It was reported that one manager was getting complaints of an individual driving around in a cart, visiting the amenities in companionship of a blow-up doll in a bikini. 
Also, recently a manager was dealing with an individual who was taking long naps under the association’s pool table. Fellow residents just played pool around him. He didn’t seem to mind. 
What does a manager do with these complaints? Is the person actually breaking any of the association’s rules? 
Managers should consult their professionals on if, how and when to deal with situations such as these. They should also keep their personal safety in mind.
— Raymond Dickey
(Important: I’m summarizing from my perspective and not offering any form of professional advice. Always seek your own professional advice from licensed professionals.)